26 Best Homemade Keto Candy Recipes That Are Totally Guilt-Free

Sweet tooth aching? Then you’ve come to the right place! No candy is off limits for keto. There’s even a recipe for chocolate covered bacon below (if you’re into that kind of thing). 😉 Enjoy these 26 Best Homemade Keto Candy Recipes that are totally guilt-free!

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Candy on the keto diet is no longer forbidden. Well, as long as they’re low carb like these candies are!

Everything from peppermint patties to peanut butter cups to Rocky Road.



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1. Keto Butterscotch Candy

With only four ingredients, it’s best you make this keto butterscotch candy like NOW. You don’t even need a candy thermometer.

So c’mon what are you waiting for?

Get the recipe at BetterThanBreadKeto

2. Low Carb Keto Chocolate Peanut Butter Candy Bars

These low carb peanut butter bars taste like a Reese’s cup and are low maintenance without the moulds.

Get the recipe at LowCarbYum

3. Zero Carb Gummy Candy

Zero carb gummy candy?

Yes it’s for real!

Get the recipe at StepAwayFromTheCarbs

4. Keto White Chocolate Coconut Clusters

These low carb white chocolate coconut clusters are like little bites of heaven.

Make extra and store them in the freezer for later!

Get the recipe at MouthwateringMotivation

5. Low Carb Keto Snickers Candy Bars

These keto Snickers bars aren’t the lowest in carbs (5.5g), but they make a nice treat when you can afford them.

Get the recipe at HungryForInspiration

6. Keto “Andes Mints” Chocolate Peppermint Fat Bombs

If you love the refreshing flavor of Andes Mints, these keto chocolate peppermint fat bombs are a great low carb way to enjoy one of your favorite candies.

Get the recipe at ForgetSugarFriday

7. Sugar-Free Blackberry and Coconut Jellies

These low carb coconut and blackberry jellies are the perfect treat for those on the keto diet.

You’ll love snacking on these throughout the day!

Get the recipe at KetoDietApp

8. Keto No Bake Almond Joy

These keto almond joys are so easy and require absolutely no baking.

They make tasty fat bombs so load them up in your bag, backpack, wherever!

Get the recipe at KetoConnect

9. Low Carb Caramels

At under 1g of net carbs per caramel, these soft and chewy candies will leave you wanting more.

What’s even better is that these take only 20 minutes to make so you can satisfy your sweet tooth ASAP.

Get the recipe at ResolutionEats

10. Keto Coconut Almond Fat Bombs (Raffaello Coconut Candy)

Raffaello is one of our favorite candies so naturally we were very excited about this low carb version!

You can make these fat bombs in about 20 minutes and they’ll be ready to eat after an hour in the fridge.

Get the recipe at HungryForInspiration

11. No Bake Sugar-Free Peppermint Patty Bites

These sugar-free peppermint patty bites are an awesome cravings buster.

They’re grain-free, low carb, and no bake – the ultimate triple threat!

Get the recipe at SugarFreeMom

12. Sugar-Free Strawberry & Lime Jellies

Gelatin does wonders for your gut.

Enjoy it in the best way possible with these keto strawberry and lime jellies.

These are naturally flavored with fresh strawberries and taste like a summer’s day!

Get the recipe at KetoDietApp

13. Easy Keto Almond Bark

Candy bark is cool because you can easily customize it to your liking.

Nuts are good toppings, but you can also add sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds for additional crunch and protein.

Get the recipe at KaseyTrenum

14. Keto Low Carb Sweet Cream Truffles

Creamy buttercream is given a robe of delicate low carb chocolate in this keto sweet cream truffle recipe.

This is some really good stuff!

Get the recipe at TwoSleevers

15. Keto Rocky Road Bars

Rocky road bars go low carb.

This keto candy can easily be served at holidays and events. Just look at how pretty it is!

Get the recipe at Bulletproof

16. Low Carb Keto Chocolate Dipped Bacon

Chocolate covered bacon is one dangerously delicious combination. 😉

Get the recipe at KetoDietApp

17. Low Carb Keto Candy Cane Cream Cheese Mints

These cream cheese mints simply melt in your mouth!

Serve after dinner for a refreshing palate cleanser.

Get the recipe at NoBunPlease

18. Keto Licorice

This keto licorice recipe is low carb and gluten-free.

Have fun with some cool molds!

Get the recipe at AKetoKitchen

19. Low Carb Keto Marshmallows

With only three ingredients, you can enjoy fluffy keto marshmallows in no time at all.

Use them to make low carb s’mores with Paola’s graham cracker recipe or enjoy them by themselves!

Get the recipe at Gnom-Gnom

20. Keto Peppermint Melt-Away Bark

This peppermint bark is truly delicious.

Swirls of coconut oil cream cheese and chocolate are topped with everything from pecans to coconuts!

Get the recipe at MouthwateringMotivation

21. Keto Cream Cheese Truffles

These chocolate, coffee, and rum keto truffles are going to be your new favorite sweet treat.

Enjoy them with a cup of coffee or tea for an extraordinary keto dessert!

Get the recipe at Recommend.Tips

22. Sugar-Free Keto Chocolate Bars

These low carb keto chocolate bars taste authentic.

They’re smooth and luscious, just what you’d expect!

Get the recipe at WholesomeYum

23. Low Carb Keto Red Hot Spicy Cinnamon Gummies

Recreate the spicy flavor of Red Hots with this Cinnamon Gummy recipe!

Get the recipe at JoyFilledEats

24. Sugar-Free Raspberry & Cream Jellies

Not a fan of blackberries?

Here’s a recipe for raspberry and cream jellies instead!

Get the recipe at KetoDietApp

25. No Sugar Homemade Fruit Snacks

Fruits snacks are typically full of sugar, but not these.

Naturally flavored and sugar-free, these fruit snacks are a winner!

Get the recipe at DessertsWithBenefits

26. Low Carb Keto Pecan Turtles

Turtles are good, but they’re even better when they’re low carb.

Make these keto pecan turtles tonight!

Get the recipe at AllDayIDreamAboutFood

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