42 Best Low Carb Keto Chocolate Dessert Recipes to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Enjoy all the goodness that is CHOCOLATE 100% guilt-free. These 42 Best Low Carb Keto Chocolate Dessert Recipes will satisfy all your cravings and MORE. Whether you’re craving chewy chocolate chip cookies or a scoop of creamy chocolatey ice cream, you’ll find it here! (All low carb, of course.) 🙂

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No need to break your diet, these are some seriously delicious low carb chocolate recipes you have to try.

We’ve rounded up cookies, cupcakes, cakes, donuts, bars, candy, fat bombs, and drinks (with a few extra treats thrown in at the end).

To get to any of these yummy recipes, just click through the link at the bottom of each picture. Enjoy!

1. Chewy Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you love chewy, soft chocolate chip cookies, look no further. This amazing keto version will hit all the right spots.

At only 1.5g carbs and 3g fiber, these low carb cookies are a healthy treat for the entire family.

Tip: Make extra and freeze for a tasty snack anytime you want!

Get the recipe at MouthwateringMotivation

2. Keto Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Cookie Sandwiches

What’s great about the keto diet is you get to enjoy many of the things you love – chocolate dipped peanut butter cookie sandwiches?


These bad boys are filled with a mascarpone and cream cheese filling, sweetened with erythritol. And as if that wasn’t enough, they’re dipped in a dark chocolate coating and sprinkled with sea salt flakes. Yum!

Get the recipe at PeaceLoveAndLowCarb

3. Fudge Brownie Cookies

Brownie and cookie equal delicious brookie perfection.

These keto cookies will satisfy your chocolatey cravings ASAP. They are easy to whip up, so bake them. Bake them NOW.

Again, these freeze well so don’t be afraid to make a double (or triple) batch.

Get the recipe at MouthwateringMotivation

4. Soft and Chewy Keto Chocolate Cookies

Caution: This is a wonderfully addictive recipe!

Stevia and nut butter are the key ingredients to making these keto chocolate cookies thick, soft, and chewy.

Your tastebuds will delight in the moist deliciousness of each bite and the chocolate chips are an added bonus!

Get the recipe at HealthyRecipesBlogs

5. Keto Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

You’re going to love these festive keto cookies anytime of the year. Not only are they picture perfect, they taste just as good as they look!

At only 0.7g net carbs per cookie, these chocolate crinkle cookies won’t hurt your diet at all.

Total keto win.

Get the recipe at HungryForInspiration

6. Keto Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you love the taste of chocolate chip cookies, a great way to switch things up is with pumpkin.

Sugar free chocolate chips combined with pumpkin puree are a match made in heaven and since these cookies are made with almond flour, they’re totally keto-friendly.

Not a fan of pumpkin? This recipe could be the one to change your mind.

Get the recipe at Hip2Keto

7. Low Carb Keto Chocolate Fudge Haystacks

Nothing’s quite as easy as no bake cookies.

These keto chocolate fudge haystacks can be ready in five minutes and fit all the criteria for what you CRAVE.

Coconut, walnuts, cocoa powder, and cream cheese form a flavor explosion that melt in your mouth. Just mix and savor!

Get the recipe at IBreatheImHungry

8. Keto Chocolate Cheesecake Muffins

This keto chocolate cheesecake muffin recipe is so good, you’ll forget you’re on a diet.

Plus, you only need 5 ingredients!

Get the recipe at KaseyTrenum

9. Keto No Bake Chocolate Cheesecake

If you’re low on time, but want to serve something nice for dessert, this no bake keto cheesecake is the perfect option.

Although keto-friendly, this chocolate cheesecake doesn’t leave anything out. You get the delicious crunch from the crust and the creamy taste of the cheesecake filling without any of the carbs.

Get the recipe at WholesomeYum

10. Keto Raspberry Chocolate Champagne Cupcakes

These Chocolate Champagne Cupcakes with Raspberry Frosting are perfect for a special occasion or just as a treat to yourself.

Not your average cupcakes, their aromatic champagne flavor will leave you wanting seconds!

Get the recipe at JoyFilledEats

11. Keto Chocolate Mug Cake

Sometimes all you need is a bite of cake, like NOW.

Luckily, mug cakes exist.

Enjoy this decadent chocolate keto mug cake in under 5 minutes, perfectly portioned for one. Simply stir up the ingredients, toss in the microwave and say HELLO.

Get the recipe here Ruled.Me

12. Keto Chocolate Cake with Whipped Cream Icing

This keto chocolate cake is the ultimate winning combo complete with whipped cream icing on top.

You can easily bake this cake for a birthday or gathering and no one would know it’s keto! For easier serving, pour the batter into cupcake molds.

Chocolate cravings curbed.

Get the recipe at JenniferBanz

13. Keto Ding Dong Chocolate Cake

Whether you need a keto birthday cake or a fridge staple, this low carb chocolate cake is the ONE.

Just like its Ding Dong cousin, this low carb chocolate cake has a creamy filling and a sugar-free chocolate glaze that’s to die for.

Get the recipe at AllDayIDreamAboutFood

14. Low Carb Keto Chocolate Donuts

These keto chocolate donuts are certified low carb and delicious.

Made with coconut flour and covered with a sugar-free chocolate glaze, you’ll never miss regular donuts again!

Get the recipe at AllDayIDreamAboutFood

15. Keto Chocolate Chip Muffins

Get your carb and chocolate fix all in one place.

These chocolate chip muffins are super easy and make for a great keto snack or breakfast.

Get the recipe at HealthyRecipesBlog

16. Keto Chocolate Nut Bars

These keto chocolate nut bars are a great healthy alternative to candy.

Made with walnuts, almonds, pecans, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, these nut bars will power you through your day.

We found these to be similar to those expensive nut bars in health food stores, but for a fraction of the cost!

Get the recipe at CrazySimpleKeto

17. Low Carb No Bake Chocolate Coconut Bars

If you like Almond Joys, these no bake keto chocolate coconut bars will certainly hit the spot.

Chewy and creamy with an abundance of chocolate, your sweet tooth will scream for joy.

Get the recipe at EatWell101

18. Keto Tagalong Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

Enjoy the famous Girl Scout cookie favorite Tagalongs with a keto twist.

These healthy chocolate peanut butter bars are the perfect substitute. Just 6 ingredients are needed to whip a batch of these delicious bars.

Get the recipe at JoyFilledEats

19. Keto Brownie Bombs

These keto brownie bombs are almost too good to be true.

Perfectly sized, keto brownie bombs increase your intake of healthy fats so that you can reach ketosis in the sweetest way possible!

Get the recipe at LowCarbeDiem

20. Low Carb Chocolate Mason Jar Ice Cream

We don’t know what’s better, the fact that this creamy chocolate ice cream is keto or that it’s made inside a MASON JAR.

Yep. No ice cream maker needed. Just place the ingredients in a mason jar and shake!

Mini workout and dessert all in one.

Get the recipe at PeaceLoveAndLowCarb

21. Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwiches

Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream sandwiches.

No churn method.

Pure keto deliciousness.

Get the recipe at JoyFilledEats

22. Keto Chocolate Frosty Dessert

Love Wendy’s chocolate frosty? This keto copycat is that minus the extra carbs!

This 5 ingredient chocolate frosty recipe is made with egg beaters and is ready in mere minutes.

You’ll definitely want to stock the fridge with a lot of this…

Get the recipe at Hip2Keto

23. Low Carb Keto Chocolate Mousse

Low carb keto chocolate mousse is an easy dessert that can be topped with anything from berries to whipped cream.

Because mousse is best served chilled, prepare a few hours ahead or even the night before for a wonderful dessert the next day.

Get the recipe at LowCarbSpark

24. Low Carb Keto Chocolate Cookie Dough

This keto chocolate cookie dough recipe can be eaten straight out of the bowl (the best way in our opinion), or it can be made into bite-size fat bombs.

Only 10 minutes are between you and chocolate cookie dough goodness. What are you waiting for?

Get the recipe at ThatsLowCarb

25. 5 Ingredient Buttery Keto Walnut Toffee

If you’ve never attempted homemade toffee, don’t be intimidated. The process is a lot easier than you think.

This 5 ingredient buttery walnut toffee candy recipe is a great way to experiment with candy making, the keto way.

Get the recipe at JoyFilledEats

26. Keto Chocolate Covered Pecans

At only 2g net carbs, these chocolate covered pecans are a lovely keto snack.

You can also leave out the chocolate and make a bare batch of butter-toasted pecans as well!

Get the recipe at ForgetSugarFriday

27. 3 Ingredient Keto Chocolate Macadamia Clusters

These salted chocolate macadamia nut clusters taste just like gourmet keto candy.

Made with just 3 ingredients, you can satisfy your sweet tooth in no time at all.

Since these aren’t prone to melting, you can stash them in a box for snacking or gifting during the holidays.

Get the recipe at KetoDiepApp

28. Keto Chocolate Almond Clusters

These low carb chocolate almond clusters are another winning candy combo that you can store in your keto snack box.

Delightfully crunchy with a hint of salt to bring out the chocolatey flavor, these keto candies will be gone FAST.

Get the recipe at MidgetMomma

29. Keto Pecan Pie Clusters

Keto pecan pie clusters make for yet another satisfying low carb treat to store in your homemade candy box.

C’mon how can you resist that drizzle?

Get the recipe at HeyKetoMama

30. Rich 3 Ingredient Chocolate Keto Fudge

Can you believe this rich creamy keto fudge is made with only 3 ingredients?

While the texture of this fudge is solid, it has a soft and creamy feel that automatically melts in your mouth.

This is hands down one of the BEST keto fudge recipes out there!

Get the recipe at HealyEatsReal

31. Keto No Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Balls

Can’t get enough of chocolate and peanut butter? Neither can we!

These chocolate peanut butter balls are no bake and taste just like a Reese’s candy!

Get the recipe at EatBeFitExplore

32. Keto Chocolate Cheesecake Keto Fat Bombs

These keto chocolate cheesecake fat bombs may look innocent, but they’re a force to be reckon with.

They have the ability to kick your chocolatey cravings to the curb, but you might not be safe with just one…

Get the recipe at Linneyville

33. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Keto Fat Bomb

These fat bombs look and taste like cookie dough, but they’re 100% keto-friendly!

Just look at those mouthwatering dough-y mounds!

Get the recipe at LaurenRabadi

34. Dark Chocolate Low Carb Ketogenic Fat Bombs

Coconut butter and grass fed butter are two main ingredients in these low carb dark chocolate fat bombs.

Both these ingredients add a ton of additional benefits for your brain so it’s best to not substitute them for something else.

Get the recipe at GrassFedGirl

35. Keto Brownie Fat Bombs

Get your brownie in a fat bomb!

Only 0.5g of carbs per ball and 6g of fat to boost you into ketosis.

Get the recipe at HungryForInspiration

36. Chocolate Peppermint Fat Bombs

Peppermint patties have got nothing on these keto chocolate peppermint fat bombs.

These low carb sugar free treats are great as a refreshing midday snack.

Get the recipe at CreateMindfully

37. Keto Hot Chocolate

Low carb hot chocolate has never been easier to make. Whip up this keto-fied hot chocolate to share with loved ones on a cold day.

Get the recipe at GreenAndKeto

38. Keto Bulletproof Chocolate Milkshake

Keto breakfasts typically involve eggs, but if you want an egg-free option, this bulletproof chocolate milkshake will certainly fit the bill.

Not only is this milkshake full of healthy fats and brain-powering nutrients, you can pour it into your favorite cup and drink it on the way to work!

Get the recipe at Gnom-Gnom

39. Low Carb No Bake Grasshopper Pie

This minty keto grasshopper pie is a bite of freshness.

Both the chocolate crust and no bake filling make for a very easy dessert masterpiece the whole family will love.

Get the recipe at AllDayIDreamAboutFood

40. Keto 5 Ingredient No Bake Snickers Bar

You can enjoy a Snickers bar, guilt-free. No strings attached.

This is a simple 5 ingredient recipe for homemade Snickers, packed with nuts, caramel and chocolate, just like the real thing!

Get the recipe at TheBigMansWorld

41. Low Carb Keto Chocolate Mint Panna Cotta

Here’s another way to get your chocolatey fix.

Panna cotta is a popular Italian molded dessert made with thickened cream. It’s a relatively easy dessert, which you can try at home with this keto chocolate mint panna cotta recipe.

Get the recipe at AllDayIDreamAboutFood

42. Keto Muddy Buddies

Who knew making your own copycat keto chex mix was this easy?

Learn how to recreate decadent muddy buddies with almond flour and swerve for a truly low carb snack that’s perfect for the entire family!

Get the recipe at ForgetSugarFriday

That’s it! We hope you like these recipes and remember to Pin It so you can come back to it later!

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