9 Best Keto Hacks and Tips to Help You Lose Weight FAST

Lose more weight on the keto diet and achieve your weight loss goals exponentially faster with these 9 Best Keto Hacks and Tips! Whether you’re just starting out or at a roadblock with your diet, take action with these easy to follow tips!

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1. Meal Prep

I can’t stress enough the importance of a meal prep plan when dieting.

Meal prepping will not only save you a lot of time and money, it also ensures you stay on track.

When you have low carb meals readily available, you’re less likely to cheat – you have no reason to!

By meal prepping, you also gain more awareness of your food choices, what foods you have on rotation to achieve optimal nutritional benefit, and how you can improve your meals in the future.

New to meal prepping?

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2. Shop Smart

When shopping for keto foods and supplements, it’s best to buy in bulk as it’ll save you money in the long run.

Costco is a great place to purchase everything from MCT oil to riced cauliflower so if you have a membership, definitely do your keto shopping there!

Another way to shop smart is to stay organized with a shopping list, which ties into the journaling aspect of hack #4.

Essentially, what you want to do is write a grocery list that’s deeply linked to your meal prep plan so you can use nearly everything you purchase right away.

That way, your foods stay fresh and you’re not wasting any food, i.e. throwing away $$!!

3. Stick to A Schedule

Keeping to a regular schedule is crucial to sticking it to your weight loss goals!

It may sound redundant, but it’s important that you set a schedule for your workouts and meal prepping.

Life is busy as it is, so having a schedule will help guide you through your diet more effortlessly and you won’t have any moments where you’re too hungry to work out or too tired to cook.

Some people find that they exercise better early in the morning, while others like to do it before bed.

Find your personal rhythm and make it work!

4. Keep a Journal

Studies have found people who journal lose more weight than those who didn’t.

Start by writing down what you eat every day.

This takes less than 5 minutes and it can have profound effects on your weight loss, but don’t stop there!

Use your journal to meal prep, organize your shopping list, schedule your calendar, and keep a running list of your favorite keto snacks.

You can even take it one step further and jot down your thoughts after meals, workouts, etc.

Add short and long term weight loss goals (writing down your goals can make them HAPPEN).

By journaling, you’ll be more in tuned with your body and achieve your results faster.

Even if you think it sounds silly, try it for a month and then evaluate the difference it has made.

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5. DON’T Overindulge in Fatty Foods

Fatty foods like fat bombs are widely eaten on the keto diet because it elevates fat levels and forces the body into metabolic ketosis.

However, you should be monitoring how much fat you consume since eating too much means your body will burn dietary fat instead of body fat.

6. DO Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is the method of skipping meals, or fasting, for in this case, weight loss.

Paired with diet and exercise, intermittent fasting can drastically speed up weight loss.

In addition, intermittent fasting has other benefits including increasing muscle mass, shortening recovery time, softening skin, slowing aging, improving brain function, and more.

There’s a few different methods of keto intermittent fasting, ranging from 16 hours, weekly 24 hours, one meal a day, and alternate day fasting.

Most people achieve results with a 18 hour fast, but you can experiment and see what works best for you.

7. Supplement with MCT Oil

MCT oil is a supplement that accelerates weight loss.

MCTs, or medium-chain triglycerides, are readily digested by the body and are not stored as fat.

They can also be converted to ketones, thus helping your body maintain ketosis.

Buy non-GMO, high quality MCT oil here.

8. Keep Keto Snacks Handy

Keep ready to eat keto snacks on hand to stave off hunger.

Sugar-free beef jerky, nuts, low carb chocolate, pork rinds, and cheese are all good keto snacks to have stocked.

Keto snacks you can make:

9. Reduce Stress

Though underrated, stress is equally as important during dieting as eating right and working out.

We all know stress can cause you to overeat, so take care to reduce stress through exercise, meditation, and other means.

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