How to Make Keto Cereal: 7 Easy Homemade Low Carb Keto Cereal Recipes

Making your own keto cereal may seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually quite easy! With only a few ingredients, most of which you probably already own, you can whip up delicious low carb cereals for the entire family. Make one of these 7 Homemade Low Carb Keto Cereal Recipes today!

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Store-bought cereals are astonishingly high in sugar. With breakfast being the most important meal of the day, it’s hard to believe that THAT’S what we’re supposed to eat.

Luckily, there are healthier options.

These 7 keto cereals make quick breakfasts and come together in no time at all. They’re also fun to make with the kids!

Enjoy them with milk or pack them in your bag for a handy snack when you need some fuel. However you like them, one thing’s for sure… You’re going to come back for seconds!

As always, to get to any of these yummy recipes, click through the link at the bottom of each picture.

1. Keto Gingerbread Toast Crunch

This gingerbread toast crunch cereal arose from a keto gingerbread cookie recipe, so you know it’s going to be good.

Not only do these tiny squares taste just like Christmas, they’re the perfect size for a bowl of milk or as a midday snack.

Kids and adults alike will love this tasty sugar-free cereal!

Get the recipe at KetofiedSisters

2. Keto Cereal

With an array of healthy ingredients, this keto cereal is a winner.

Coconut, almonds, flaxseeds, pepita seeds, sunflower seeds, and chia seeds are all AMAZING power foods to start your mornings off with.

Of course, you can always edit this easy recipe to fit your taste!

Get the recipe at MyKetoKitchen

3. Keto Cocoa Puffs

Cure your chocolatey cravings early morning with these deliciously decadent keto cocoa puffs.

These homemade keto cocoa puffs only take half an hour to make.

And what’s better is you can freeze the batter (up to three months) and bake the cereal straight from the freezer!

Get the recipe at Gnom-Gnom

4. Keto Protein Cereal

Can you believe these two beauts are made from the same recipe?

Because they are!

This keto recipe is versatile not only in its shape, but also in its nut butter of choice. While Lindsey’s standard recipe is peanut butter based, you can swap it for any nut butter.

Tip: You also have the choice of using whatever low carb protein powder you like. Birthday cake cereal anyone?

Get the recipe at TheLittlePine

5. Keto Toast Crunch

Here’s another one of Paola’s amazing keto cereal creations.

Recreate the delightful crunch and taste of cinnamon toast crunch cereal with this keto-fied recipe.

Tip: Paola regularly has her units in metrics, which you can convert or for more accuracy, measure using a digital food scale.

Get the recipe at Gnom-Gnom

6. Keto Nut & Seed Granola

Bird food has never tasted so good.

With tons of heart healthy ingredients like pecans, almonds, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, and even macadamia nuts, you’ll feel energized and focused while keeping your overall carb count low.

This keto cereal recipe is a close semblance to those pricy store-bought kinds for a fraction of the price.

Tip: Top it on yogurt and ice cream for a crunchy low carb treat!

Get the recipe at HaveButterWillTravel

7. Low Carb Coconut Frosted Flakes

These low carb coconut frosted flakes are so easy to make and you only need four ingredients (three if you leave out the vanilla extract!).

Natvia’s Icing Mix is the key ingredient in making the perfect layer of sugar-free frost on these coconut flakes.

But iced or not, these keto coconut flakes are AMAZING eaten with your favorite low carb ice cream. Trust me, I know! 🙂

They’re also a yummy snack to munch on throughout the day. Just pour into a zipped baggie and toss in your bag!

Get the recipe at MyKetoKitchen

That’s it! We hope you like these recipes and remember to Pin It so you can come back to it later!

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